Authentic Classic Range

Switches and Parts

33356Lucas 22RA Starter Relay LucasWW10021More Details
31482ALucas Dip Switch (Diamond shape Lever)LucasWW10111More Details
31482Lucas Dip Switch (Round shape lever)LucasWW10112More Details
31780Lucas Classic 2 Position Toggle switchLucasWW10113LMore Details
31071Lucas SS5 Kill SwitchLucasWW10116LMore Details
34427BLucas 88SA Ignition SwitchLucasWW10117More Details
34289ALucas 88SA Lighting SwitchLucasWW10118More Details
33188,33302Lucas 6RA Horn RelayLucasWW10119More Details
31788Lucas Classic 3 Position Toggle SwitchLucasWW10122LMore Details
35351Lucas Ignition/Light Switch BodyLucasWW10131LMore Details
31443Lucas PRS8 SwitchLucasWW10133More Details
34055Lucas PLC6 Ignition and Lighting SwitchLucasWW10136More Details
34057Lucas PLC5 Ignition and Lighting SwitchLucasWW10137More Details
30608Lucas Ignition Switch bodyLucasWW10163LMore Details
30552Lucas Ignition/Light Switch BodyLucasWW10164More Details
54330934Lucas 88SA Lighting Switch Knob LucasWW10410More Details
54336176Lucas 88SA Ignition Switch KnobLucasWW10412More Details
351803Lucas 88SA Switch Base PlateLucasWW10413LMore Details
169SA/ALucas Console Switch Repair Kit 1971-72 BlackLucasWW10419More Details
169SA/BLucas Console Switch Repair Kit 1971-72 Black/RedLucasWW10420More Details
169SA/CLucas Console Switch Repair Kit 1973 onwardsLucasWW10421More Details
169SA/DLucas Console Switch Repair Kit 1974 onwardsLucasWW10422More Details
76200Lucas HP26 Horn PushLucasWW11027LMore Details
31281BLucas 54C Brake Light SwitchLucasWW11028LMore Details
31356Lucas PS6 Rotary Headlight SwitchLucasWW11029LMore Details
31276Lucas PS6 Rotary Headlight SwitchLucasWW11030LMore Details
31383Lucas 22B Brake Light Switch (Push On)LucasWW11031LMore Details
34619Lucas Hydraulic Brake Light SwitchLucasWW11032More Details
31437Lucas 22B Brake Light Switch (Pull On)LucasWW11042LMore Details
33906Lucas 147SA Neutral Indicator SwitchLucasWW16008More Details
54930008Lucas 88SA Ignition Switch Plug SocketLucasWW19223More Details
54930007Lucas 88SA Lighting Switch Plug SocketLucasWW19224More Details
88SSRCLucas 88SA Switch Socket Retaining ClipLucasWW19224RMore Details