Authentic Classic Range

Magneto Parts

455191Lucas Earth Brushes (Pack 5)LucasWW10001 More Details
451260Lucas Pick up Brushes (Pack 5)LucasWW10003More Details
459269Lucas K2F Magneto End CapLucasWW10417More Details
459205Lucas K2FC,FR Magneto End CapLucasWW10417BMore Details
K2FCMGLALucas K2FC Red Magneto label (Anti Clockwise)LucasWW10434More Details
K2FMGLCLucas K2F Black Magneto label (Clockwise)LucasWW10435More Details
K2FMGLALucas K2F Black Magneto label (Anti Clockwise)LucasWW10436More Details
LU002Lucas K2F Pick Up Screws (Set of 2)LucasWW10437More Details
LU003Lucas MO1 Pick Up Screws (Set of 2)LucasWW10438More Details
458367Lucas K2F Magneto Pick Up Right Hand 90 DegreeLucasWW19050More Details
458368Lucas K2F Magneto Pick Up Left Hand 90 DegreeLucasWW19051More Details
458865Lucas K2F Magneto Pick Up Right Hand 45 DegreeLucasWW19052More Details
458866Lucas K2F Magneto Pick Up Left Hand 45 DegreeLucasWW19053More Details
458346Lucas Pick Up Gaskets (Pack of 10)LucasWW19055More Details
185015Lucas HT Lead Washers (Pack of 10)LucasWW19056More Details
410600Lucas Pick Up Acorn Nuts (Pack of 10)LucasWW19057More Details
498339Lucas ATD WasherLucasWW19058More Details
498131Lucas ATD 'C' WasherLucasWW19059More Details
498299Lucas ATD Fixing Nut (Short type)LucasWW19060More Details
498303Lucas ATD Fixing Nut (Long Type)LucasWW19061More Details
MDGB, 67-0540Lucas Magneto Drive Gear BSALucasWW61477More Details
MDGT, 70-3411Lucas Magneto Drive Gear TriumphLucasWW61478More Details
K2FIHLucas K2F Ignition HousingLucasWW61479More Details